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Mike Gerwitz 59be8fc4c3
Better-delimited styling of code fragments in article text
Non-fenced code fragments (using backticks in Markdown) will now be
formatted with a background color, padding, and a border.  I was
avoiding this for some time, but most of my writing also didn't have a
whole lot of code in it.  That's changing with the article I'm writing
now, and it really is much more clear with this styling; it can
otherwise be more difficult than necessary to tell where a command
starts and ends, and the monospace font can sometimes be too sublte of
an indicator for shorter text, or text that uses characters that are
harder to distinguish.
2024-03-18 23:41:16 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 8448669355
Use MathML for mathematics on posts
We're finally in an era where this is natively supported on all major
browers and platforms, at least on modern browsers.  I've been waiting
for this for...nearly 15 years now?  My go-to previously was Mathjax.

I guess I should remove my IE11 support in CSS, then, huh?

Or maybe leave it around as an easter egg / relic type of thing.
2024-03-18 23:36:59 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 8ce8b5a7f7
HTML details styling and parsing improvements
The article I'm working on makes (very) heavy use of the `details` HTML
element, and nests them.  Making sense of the article without
indentation is difficult and torturous.

This has complicated the prefmt script enough that it really ought to be
extracted into something else.  I'm admittedly disappointed that I've
had to do this much work with it, because it completely sacrifies any
hope of portability.  Oh well, that's not even a design goal, though
it'd be nice to be able to have the preview of Markdown files make sense
in e.g. Forejo.

I figured I'd have the least numbre of problems with nesting if I strip
whitespace prefixes based on the current level of nesting.  To avoid
surprises, I enforce expectations statically---it will not compile
without proper nesting.

To reduce the potential blast radius, I'm doing this only for `details`
for now; it'll expand later on.  I did diff the output of older articles
to make sure they were unaffected.
2024-03-18 23:32:57 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 8c92c57faa
Use pandoc-generated source code highlighting CSS
I previously included hard-coded CSS.  Pandoc will apparently generate
what is needed for the page, but I didn't have that included in my

I chose Tango out of a nearly 20y personal preference now, ever since I
used the Tango Icon Theme in Ubunutu Dapper Drake (6.06), my introducing
to GNOME/GTK.  I might have used Breezy, too, I don't recall.

Prior to that I think I used Mandrake (before it was Mandriva), which
was the first distro I tried, after my laptop's HDD died and I was
awaiting a replacement (couldn't run Windows without a HDD).

2024-03-18 23:28:46 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 99a1c4e015
Support for pandoc 2.19.2
Previous I had been using pandoc, available through the Debian
repositories.  I installed 2.19.2 through Guix.

The biggest issue I ran into was wrapping of the output, which messed up
my klugy post-processing scripts that expected `h1` tags to have their
attributes all on the same line.  The `--wrap none` flag resolves that.

I diff'd the webroot before and after these changes.  The primary
changes were related to footnote classes, the recognition of fancy
quotes in a couple new situations, and new classes introduced to source
code listings.  I'll have to investigate styling them, since I haven't
visited the CSS for that in quite some time.
2024-03-17 23:21:26 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 88b9b2dee2
src/post2html: Disable TeX-style tie parsing in fences
Code fences are meant to indicate literal text, not formatted.
2024-03-17 22:05:13 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 8d45c27edc
resume: Additional rephrasing of projects and positions 2023-12-19 23:45:53 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 325265a019
resume: Add Ulambda
While the project was never completed, it is a useful example to
demonstrate my interest in bootstrapping compilers.
2023-12-18 23:33:26 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 7cf7252ba6
src/about.htm: Emphasize declarative DSLs 2023-12-18 15:24:57 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz e4660c296c
post/2019-02-18: Exceptional access: Tie escapes
When I introduced TeX-style ties to `post2html`, a couple parts of this
article were broken.

I ought to check whether other articles are broken, or rather write a
script to list occurrences, but, it's late, and I want to get this
2023-12-18 02:42:22 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz c0e76e16c2
resume: Remove tkd
I haven't been involved in this for a long time and it has no bearing on
my work.

I meant to remove this in one of the previous recent commits.
2023-12-18 02:31:57 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz d70018fb93
resume: Update employer project URLs
Updated to reference new locations since I introduced
2023-12-18 02:27:10 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz d127a226a3
resume: Move TAME up
This project is more important than the others.
2023-12-18 02:24:37 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 4a510f8286
Resume update
It's been a couple of years since this page has been updated.  It has
received a cleanup---removing information that I find to be unnecessary
or redundant---and some minor updates.

Note that the removed phone number has not been in use for at least a
couple of years; I apologize for anyone who may have tried to reach me,
however unlikely that is.  I am not replacing it with a working number,
since I don't want unsolicited calls.

I decided to update all of this in a single commit rather than
commenting on and rationalizing each individual change.
2023-12-18 02:20:30 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz c5e3931450
Remove proxying via torify
This network-level concern is not appropriate for this repository.

When I originally added it, my thought was that I'd be helping to
protect the privacy of people who cloned the repository.  But that
responsibility does not belong here.

I don't need to proxy through Tor anymore through software, as I have
since handled privacy-related networking concerns elsewhere (whether it
be at the router or host OS level).
2023-12-17 12:01:57 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz fcbc8f2689
Footer copyright year update 2023
Granted, it's about to be 2024.
2023-12-17 11:49:52 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 35278a3f07
Update footer links for forge and social
These were updated in the header and other parts of the site previously;
I somehow overlooked these.
2023-12-17 11:49:38 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 32e70b2e4c
papers/tpl: Add missing symlink
This has been missing since 2021 bb54e77a09.
2023-12-17 11:49:00 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz cdf9cac4e9
src/post2html: Use for post history
The date on posts is supposed to be a link to the commit history for
that post.  This was broken when moving to forgejo.
2023-08-08 00:58:19 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 3912fc56dd
Use (Forgejo) instance for /projects
This removes the cgit configuration and added redirects.  I'll check the
404 log and determine if I should add others in the future, if it's
worth the effort.
2023-03-21 00:43:15 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 5bc0034d52
src/about.htm: Update bio
I've been essentially inactive publicly for a couple of years.  I'll
have more information in time, but the past couple of years have given
me a lot of time to reflect and redefine parts of myself.

This is step toward surfacing.
2023-03-20 22:32:43 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz df5f4001d4
Use /users/mikegerwitz Pleroma link
Pleroma, unlike Mastodon with it's single-user instance mode, does not
show my profile by default.  So, link directly to it.
2023-03-16 21:54:47 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz bb544e97a3
Mastodom=>Pleroma migration
Mastodon was far too much load on my server.  And while the sever is
just a dinky like 1-vCPU VPS, it shouldn't _need_ any more than that; I
barely use Mastodon and I will not upgrade my server (and incur greater
costs for it).

Pleroma is compatible with Mastodon (based on ActivityPub) and much more
efficient.  We'll see how I like it.  My account transfer is happening
right now; the fediverse is a wonderful thing. :)

For some more context: Mastodon was fine for years, but after Musk's
takeover of Twitter and increased adoption of Mastodon, my sever became
burdened by all these new instances, despite _my_ use of it being
effectively nothing.
2023-03-15 23:15:28 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz f08c06e1c2
Highlight AFSI on index page
This moves SAPSF into the "Older Posts" section, in a somewhat klugy
2021-06-23 22:46:36 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz bb54e77a09
Update papers
This notably introduces The TAME Programming Language Living Document,
and effort to begin to formalize the language I've been working on over
the past decade on-and-off for my employer.
2021-06-23 22:32:27 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz c4d1dfa056
src/talks.rec (Adopting Free Software Ideals): Audio-only link 2021-06-20 22:31:45 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz dcb14fbb99
src/talks.rec (afsi): Add video link and slides 2021-05-18 22:01:13 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz d1c9210491
src/cgit/cgitrc: Update from server (ulambda, promscripts)
Forgot this file was housed in this repo...
2021-05-18 21:57:41 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz c2d85cdda8
2012-10-06-tradmarks-in-free-software.,d: GNUplot=>gnuplot
It's pronounced "new"plot, where "gnu" refers to the animal, pronounce
"new", not GNU, pronounced "guh-new".

I did not know this at the time.
2021-05-11 20:33:13 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz ee67de0047
LibrePlanet 2021: Adopting Free Software Ideals: Typo fixes
...clearly I didn't proofread.
2021-02-24 22:19:53 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz d70dd4aac8
LibrePlanet 2021: Adopting Free Software Ideals
Information about upcoming talk at LP2021.
2021-02-24 22:14:12 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 0fdda45b44
src/about/resume.html: Tagline update
This was missed when the tagline was originally changed.
2021-02-24 22:14:05 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 0d9118dbf0
src/footer.tpl.htm: Copyright year update 2021-02-24 22:13:30 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz a6dc96ce27
images/tp/SHA512SUM: Add missing
There were some hashes missing.
2021-02-24 22:06:55 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 825491587f
src/ Handle display of future dates
Display future dates as "Will be presented on" rather than "Presented
2021-02-24 22:06:01 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 6ece7769d4
src/ Do not fail when links are missing
E.g. to accommodate a future talk.
2021-02-24 22:00:25 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 3036552161
src/talks.{rec,sh}: {-=>_}
Older versons of recutils were okay with dashes, but that seems to have
2021-02-24 21:40:12 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 22d0ce56c5
src/post2meta: gensub argument fix
Older versions of Gawk did not mind an empty string as the third
argument, but newer versions complain:

  warning: gensub: third argument `' treated as 1
2021-02-24 21:39:53 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 4220f083eb
src/about.htm: GNU Social => Mastodon instance reference
I now use the latter exclusively.
2020-07-16 23:40:20 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 26729d1812
src/about.html: {two=>three} sons
My third was born recently.
2020-07-16 23:38:00 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 22e90676a7
Writing As a Means to Another End: New post
This is a deeply personal one.
2020-06-30 23:54:11 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 6cae83cd1f
Makefile: +x scripts copied into www-root 2020-05-20 00:57:20 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 4d53191079
style.css (article details > summary): pointer 2020-05-20 00:54:38 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 0dd84e4952
style.css: Add missing h5, h6 styling 2020-03-31 23:48:35 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz f5567fc8c5
Better figure styling
Figures will have margins on the left and right sides by default, unless
explicitly denoted "inline".  The caption will also be a lighter typeface
rather than bold.  When the figure caption appears at the bottom, it will
have a top border.
2020-03-31 23:48:19 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 61b80c516f
src/post2html: Ability to reference content of previous fence
I'll be using this to show example HTML code and then output it as actual
HTML to be rendered as part of the article.  Otherwise the HMTL has to be
duplicated and maintained in multiple places.

An alternative is to include a file, but that is much less convenient for
smaller snippets.
2020-03-31 23:47:38 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz b3ad4f7599
style.css (figure): New styling 2020-03-31 23:47:33 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 95408e5571
style.css (article aside): New Style 2020-03-31 23:47:27 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 3ec6034a0b
style.css (article pre): Reduce line-height 2020-03-31 23:47:22 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 5b84305d8e
src/post2html (prefmt): Ties and newline stripping
I hate Markdown as a format for disciplined writing, especially when I want
macros (mostly semantic), indexes, and such.  I was originally going to use
LaTeX with Pandoc, but it lacks support for inline HTML and such, and I do
not want to distract too much from the work that I want to be doing.
2020-03-31 23:47:12 -04:00