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I've been essentially inactive publicly for a couple of years.  I'll
have more information in time, but the past couple of years have given
me a lot of time to reflect and redefine parts of myself.

This is step toward surfacing.
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I am a <a href="">free (as in
freedom) software</a> <a href="">hacker</a>
and user freedom activist with a focus on user privacy and security.
I am a professional software engineer dealing primarily with web development;
compiler construction; and software architecture, and have been
programming for about twenty years.
My other personal interests include mathematics, cryptography,
philosophy and ethics, pedagogy, writing, law, and various other fields.
I also closely follow the work of
the <a href="">Free Software
Foundation</a>, <a href="">Electronic Frontier
Foundation</a>, and other entities devoted to free information and free
and user freedom activist with a focus on user privacy and security;
a professional software engineer;
and an <a href="">advisor to the GNU Project</a>.
I am a member of the
<a href="">GNU Advisory Comittee</a>;
an assistant GNUisance on the maintainers team;
a <a href="">GNU software evaluation team</a>
(gnueval) member;
the author of <a href="">GNU ease.js</a>;
and volunteer for various other aspects of
the <a href="">GNU Project</a> and
the <a href="">Free Software Foundation</a>.
I deal primarily with compiler construction and the creation of
domain-specific languages and abstractions to simplify the development
and improve the robustness of otherwise-complex systems.
I historically did a lot of web development,
and have been programming for over twenty
Some of my personal interests include programming language
history and theory,
formal methods and proofs,
logic and type theory,
philosophy and ethics,
and writing.
I don't claim to be good at any of those things.
The focus of my research in recent years has been pursuant to addressing
problems of practical user freedom&mdash;to
make various aspects of freedom in computing accessible to more users
in concrete and tangible ways that are meaningful to them beyond
abstract principle and philosophy.
I am a <a href="">hacker</a>,
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though I may (or may not) respond to queries on websites that I am a
member of,
and I do host my <a href="">own Pleroma instance</a>,
which is compatible with Mastodon.
which is compatible with Mastodon;
you can follow me on the fediverse via
(Note: This website itself is free/libre&mdash;the source code is