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<dl data-print-links="true">
<dt><a href="">TAME</a>
<dt><a href="">TAME</a>
<dd class="period">2012&ndash;Present</dd>
<dd class="type">Author</dd>
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and the majority of the project
(including the macro processor, compilers, and linkers)
is written in XSLT.
The project is undergoing a rewrite in Rust&nbsp;(TAMER).
The project is undergoing a
<a href="">rewrite
in Rust&nbsp;(TAMER)</a>.
<dd class="desc">
<ul class="lang detail-list">
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<dt><a href="">Liza Data
<dt><a href="">Liza Data
Collection Framework</a>
<dd class="period">2010&ndash;Present</dd>