post/2019-02-18: Exceptional access: Tie escapes

When I introduced TeX-style ties to `post2html`, a couple parts of this
article were broken.

I ought to check whether other articles are broken, or rather write a
script to list occurrences, but, it's late, and I want to get this
Mike Gerwitz 2023-12-18 02:42:22 -05:00
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@ -399,7 +399,7 @@ Then,
[^ssh-tofu]: SSH users, for example, may be familiar with the almost-violent
warning when the server fingerprint changes.
Server fingerprints are stored in `~/.ssh/known_hosts` the first time they
Server fingerprints are stored in `\~/.ssh/known_hosts` the first time they
are contacted,
and those fingerprints are used for verification on all subsequent
connection attempts.
@ -685,7 +685,7 @@ How can _all_ users be confident that the FooRelay client they download
System-wide reproducibility is the topic of [_bootstrappable
[_Reproducible builds_][reproducible-builds] are required to solve this