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Mike Gerwitz 36efb155be
slides-preamble.tex: Added missing file
This has been missing for all these years; sorry everyone!

Thanks to Amin Bandali for pointing this out to me.
2023-03-06 22:36:54 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz d379d2f9c7
About section and README addition 2019-03-25 14:02:07 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 2bc167f8ee
XCF->PNG build
In the end it would have been easier just to use Imagemagick for this.  What
a mess.  Another example where a GUI seemed simple at first but then turned
out to be a poor tool for the job.
2019-03-25 14:02:02 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz fad5b41407
Rehearsed talk
This is the final state of the talk before it was presented.  Note
that what I presented does not match the notes exactly.
2019-03-25 13:03:06 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 3d8d8a594e
Program Composition: Slides ready
I say ready, but I am going in the wrong direction with time.  Something is
going to have to give, either with the next section or these existing
ones.  I want time for interactive demonstrations.
2019-03-22 10:33:11 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz dc82dc74f9
Introduction: Slides ready 2019-03-22 10:31:57 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 16cf83d92e
A New Perspective: Slides ready
I added to the time slightly rather than reducing it!
2019-03-21 22:45:40 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz f13220e816
Practical Example: Slides ready
Perhaps I will be good on time after all, though there is still a little
more I want to add to the end.
2019-03-20 23:49:14 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 7d475a0ded
Choreographed Workflows / Practical Freedom: Reduce and tweak
Trying to thin down a little bit.  It is less to memorize too for
an opening.
2019-03-20 22:47:20 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 725255e02f
Lifting the Curtain / Web Page Source Code: Combine
Shaves off time and really was redundant.  It was a helpful visualization
too, but this is not a talk about web development.
2019-03-20 22:19:23 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz f2780d7ac7
All slides reviewed: first round of cuts
This is still too long, so I'm going to need another round.  There's also a
conclusion that does not yet exist.  I had also wanted to type some things
out at the keyboard in place of certain slides, which would take even _more_

More work to be done, and not much time to do it.  And then I have to
actually rehearse without my notes (which does sometimes change the times
slightly) and start rehearsing sections all the way through (a section may be
less than the sum of its times beacuse of rounding done on each slide).

And of couse timing varies during the talk.  Though with my SAPSF talk two
years ago I had the timing at a perfect 40m in practice and in presentation.
2019-03-20 22:15:50 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz cc7dc5d288
More Examples (Password Generation): Use POSIX tools instead of pwgen
This better melds with the spirit of the talk since it shows users how to
repurpose existing tools rather than use a specialized one.
2019-03-19 23:22:18 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 0f9b1ddf16
Introduction: Talk notes and timing 2019-03-19 23:22:13 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 5a9d6d827d
More Examples: Time estimates
This talk is now officially far too long.  I need to shave off quite a bit
of time.

So the next steps are going to be to sort out what I want to do with the
intro, start stripping down some sections, and then further refine the times
by practicing them out loud a bit more.  Some sections could benefit from a
little tweaking in general.

It always sucks when this happens because it feels like I'm throwing out
work, but that's how it goes, in programming and in everything else---you
need to get everything out there so you can distill the good stuff from it.
2019-03-19 23:22:07 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 69738c3078
More Examples: Talk notes 2019-03-19 23:22:01 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 444d9e87b9
More Examples: New section
This is the last section of the talk.  It will be augmented slightly once I
have a better idea of where I stand with the earlier sections.

I wasn't able to fit in even close to everything that I wanted to, but I
didn't expect to.
2019-03-19 23:21:52 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 3cae7683d2
Slides: {DEVOID=>LACKING} 2019-03-17 12:47:53 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 7afe3d9476
This reflects the proper order.
2019-03-17 12:47:45 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 596fff5295
Program Composition: Time estimates 2019-03-17 12:47:35 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz f372be6d29
Program Composition: Talk notes 2019-03-15 22:31:31 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz b40e289f35
Program Composition: Slides of new section
This is likely sufficient to get me through my entire talk time, but I have
a number of other interesting things I want to get to.  Let's see what the
timing looks like in a couple of commits.
2019-03-15 00:40:07 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 5abc22bae0
TODO states: Move RAW forward
This is the correct order.  Things start out DEVOID of information,
then are LACKING when they contain only pieces of the final slide
and notes, and then are RAW when they contain both but haven't yet
been proofread / further refined.
2019-03-14 02:56:01 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 87ec000101
Began time estimates for first two sections
This also contains some minor tweaks.
2019-03-12 00:35:14 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 4f76c5c76f
Command Refactoring: Add alias 2019-03-11 00:07:11 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 2fcfd61291
A New Perspective: New major section
Moving along, though I'm spending way more time on getting up to speed than
I originally expected.  I suspect that I'm going to have to trim this a
bit.  All the more reason to get it versioned so I can reference old
versions if I trim it too much.

I fly out to BOS in under 13 days and my talk is in under 15.  Getting close
again.  The difference this time, though, is that I don't have to do any
research, which is saving me a ton of time compared to the last couple of
years, which were research talks.  Much less stressful.  I could give the
presentation ad-hoc without preparation, though it'd be a tad bit messy
and disorganized if I did that.

Alright, now I feel like I'm stalling in typing this commit message.  Back
to work for me.
2019-03-11 00:06:08 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz be44088c95
Mostly finish GUI-based browser example
Some of the talking may need to be shortened.  I havne't timed it yet, but
it sure does feel like a lot.

With that said, this is a very important part of the talk, since it sets the
stage for everything that's about to follow.
2019-03-08 22:40:33 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 615874e1a9
Additional miscellaneous command ideas
I probably will not get to all of these.
2019-03-08 21:32:38 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz f99f0ff15d
Muscle Memory: Initial concept 2019-03-05 01:06:02 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz c604550086
Initial concepts
I want to get this under version control now or it's going to wind up not
happening again, like in previous years.  More to come.
2019-03-05 01:05:40 -05:00