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Computational Symbiosis: Methods That Meld Mind and Machine
This repository contains the source code for the slides and my notes for my
LibrePlanet 2019 talk. See slides.org for much more information. Best
viewed with Emacs.

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* About :noexport:
This file represents the source code for the slides for my LibrePlanet 2019
talk, as well as the notes containing the text I originally intended to
say. There are a few things to note:
- The notes are not /necessarily/ an intended transcript. As it tends to
be, when I'm in the moment, I may decide to do things slightly differently
and adapt to the audience. I may also forget something and end up having
to restructure what I was going to say.
- This notes have not been updated to include what I did actually say. I
hope to provide a transcript in the future.
- The checklists contain my original intent for this talk; I didn't purge
what I didn't get to. The talk was simplified quite a bit from what I was
originally planning on presenting just in case the audience wasn't
technical, but I didn't want to simplify it too much in case the audience
was full of hackers.
- See [[*Exporting]] for information on how to build the slides.
* Project Notes :noexport:
** Core Guidelines
- Blur distinction between user and programmer.