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Creative content, such as thoughts and writings, are licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license 4.0. (CC BY-SA); a copy of
this license is contained within the file COPYING.CCBYSA. Scripts and other
software are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or, at
your option, any later version; a copy of this license is located within the
The license on any document supersedes this notice. Furthermore, the
existence of a COPYING file in any directory shall supersede this notice for
any documents within that directory and all subdirectories.
The license for the commit messages---also known in this repository as
``thoughts''---shall be considered, for the purposes of licensing, creative
content; the license may be found under the COPYING tag, which may be viewed
with the following command, so long as you have acquired the repository
itself (as opposed to an archive of the source tree):
$ git cat-file blob COPYING