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#### The Ethics Void (2018)
_(Join Us March 24--25 in Cambridge, MA, USA)_
[Video][ev-video] • [Slides][ev-slides-pdf]
• [Slides Source Code][ev-src]
Many communities have widely adopted codes of ethics governing the moral
conduct of their members and professionals. Some of these codes may even be
@ -94,5 +95,9 @@ how it's being done, and what can (or can't) be done to stop it.
[lp2017]: https://www.libreplanet.org/2017/
[lp2017-logo]: /images/lp-2017.png
[ev-slides-pdf]: /talks/ethics-void.pdf
[ev-video]: https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/m/the-ethics-void/
[ev-src]: /projects/ethics-void/
[lp2018]: https://www.libreplanet.org/2018/
[lp2018-logo]: /images/lp-2018.png