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I began development of Hoxsl under my employer, LoVullo Associates, which
holds copyright to the commits prior to this one.  This project was largely
planned on my own time and represents an ideal; there has been no time to
continue its disciplined developement under LoVullo, I do not expect for
there to be time to develop this project to my liking, and I don't expect
others within the organization to maintain and improve upon it once I'm

As such, I'm forking this project and developing it personally outside of
LoVullo Associates.  I don't use XSLT outside of LoVullo, so this
realistically is still a project that will only be used there (by myself),
and I can't say whether I'll continue to maintain this project after I
leave.  But similar to how I developed GNU ease.js on my own time---to
benefit software I write at LoVullo---it doesn't make sense to develop the
project on unpaid overtime for no reason, when I'm not even being asked to
do so.

It is therefore in my best interest, to ensure that Hoxsl will always remain
Free (as in freedom), that I continue development as a personal project.

With all that said, Hoxsl will be used for other Free public projects at
LoVullo---such as TAME---that I will continue to liberate and may be useful,
even if only from an academic perspectve, outside of LoVullo.

As if I didn't already have enough unfinished things on my plate...
Mike Gerwitz 2015-10-08 00:01:50 -04:00
parent 989ef09f3c
commit 08a43bdd78
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