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This paper contains the author's answers and proofs for selected exercises from
Section~4.2.8 of the ``dragon book''---Compiler: Principles, Techniques and
Tools (hereinafter ``CPTT''). This book, while an excellent resource, can be
challenging for self-study as it does not provide a means of verifying one's
answers outside of a classroom setting (unless the reader has confidence in
his/her proofs). This paper is intended for two audiences: (a) those reading the
book and looking for clarification and discussion on the exercises and (b) those
who are curious on the topic of context-free grammars that do not possess the
text. The selected exercises are those that the author felt would be most useful
for discussion and, as such, are expected to be challenging to the reader. Less
challenging portions of exercises may be discussed to segue into the more
challenging portions.