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This article is free; see COPYING for additional information.
This article, entitled "Classical Object-Oriented Programming with ECMAScript",
summarizes much of the research performed during the development of ease.js, a
classical object-oriented framework for ECMAScript/JavaScript. While the
information contained within the article is expressed in the author's own words,
an effort has been made to be as professional as possible to promote
any third-party modifications/conntributions without much distinction.
It is the author's hope that this article will continue to be updated with
additional research as the project grows. Contributors to ease.js can feel free
to update the document with information that is pertinant. Likewise, individuals
who have a strong method of achieving an object-oriented style in ECMAScript can
feel free to contribute their own ideas, so long as it does not add considerable
bloat or muddy the point of the article.