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% The TAME Programming Language Living Document
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\title{The TAME Programming Language}
\subtitle{Design and Implementation (Living Document)}
\author{Mike Gerwitz}
\date{May 2021}% TODO dynamic
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\tame{} is The Algebraic Metalanguage, a programming language and
collection of tools designed to aid in the development, understanding,
and maintenance of systems performing numerous calculations on a
complex graph of dependencies, conditions, and a large number of
inputs. \tame{} has existed for over a decade, and while its initial
design was successful and still in active use today, it does suffer
from inconsistencies and tradeoffs that introduce certain impediments
to users of the language, and compromise future optimizations and
language evolution. It also lacks documentation not just of the
language itself, but also of the underlying principles and
This document is an attempt to formally consider certain parts of
\tame{} as it undergoes redesign and reimplementation as part of the
\tamer{} project. It is considered a living document---it is not
likely to ever be a finished work.
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