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Mike Gerwitz 52c1bb5ebe Properly resolve paths of symbols of imports
This solves a long-standing problem whereby relative paths are not
properly resolved, leading to incorrect symbol conflicts when relative
paths to the same package vary between two imports.

See doc/notes/path-processing for an illustration.

* src/current/include/preproc/path.xsl
  (preproc:resolve-relative-import): Add function.
  (preproc:resolv-path, preproc:resolve-path, preproc:get-path): Add
  functions to invoke existing templates.
* src/current/include/preproc/symtable.xsl (preproc:symimport): Use
* doc/notes/path-processing: Add notes.
2017-07-12 14:32:33 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 246ccbb1db Add doc pkgns macro
* doc/tame.texi (pkgns): Added macro.
2016-11-17 23:55:23 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 94b423db16 Add @tame Texinfo macro
Facilitates name changes.  Good practice for free software projects.

* doc/tame.texi (tame): Macro added.
2016-11-17 23:55:23 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz ff01f39c1e Liberate current implementation of "Calc DSL"
(Copyright headers will be added in the next commit; these are the
original files, unaltered in any way.)

The internal project name at LoVullo is simply "Calc DSL".  This
liberates the entire thing.  If anything was missed, I'll be added

To continue building at LoVullo with this move, symlinks are used for
the transition; this is the exact code that is used in production.

There is a lot here---over 25,000 lines.  Much of it is in disarray from
the environment surrounding its development, but it does work well for
what it was intended to do.

(LoVullo folks: fork point is 65723a0 in calcdsl.git.)
2016-08-24 12:38:00 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 6c0aa54bd1 Manual copyright update for 2016
* doc/tame.texi: Add 2016 copyright year
2016-08-23 14:22:17 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz ea3edc18ca Initial symbol documentation, find-symbol
* doc/tame.texi: Include `Symbol Table'.

* src/symtable.xsl: Added.
* test/symtable.xspec: Added, testing `find-symbol'.
2016-08-23 11:04:50 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 83599cef70 Add @todo texinfo macro
* doc/tame.texi: Macro added.
2016-08-23 11:01:17 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz d7220f0157 Raise `Dependency Graph' from section to chapter
* doc/tame.texi: `Dependency Graph` now a chapter.
2016-07-06 00:16:36 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz b88295d30c Add copyright header to tame.texi
* doc/tame.texi: Copyright header added
2016-07-06 00:16:36 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz cefc7164de Include version.texi earlier for title output
* doc/tame.texi: Include version.texi before title so that VERSION is
2016-07-06 00:16:36 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 6bb4c05830 Add (beginning of) graph API
* doc/tame.texi: Add graph include.
* src/graph.xsl: Added.
* test/graph-test.xsl: Added.
* test/graph.xspec: Added.
2016-07-05 23:49:30 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 507664b0c7 Proper @math HTML override with @definfoenclose
Backslashes were being stripped from the output unless escaped with another
backslash, but that would cause problems with the TeX ouput.
2015-04-18 00:54:07 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 6f88551b6a HTML documentation now loads MathJax from CDN
Privacy warning: if scripts are enabled, then you are subject to the normal
tracking risks of loading external scripts.  If this is from your own domain
or local filesystem, then you may be leaking personal information.

In the future, KaTeX may be used.
2015-04-16 13:36:34 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 9b0512b0f4 Expansion sequences introduced 2015-04-16 13:21:40 -04:00
Mike Gerwitz 38e147e5e4 Documentation and testing scaffolding 2015-04-16 13:21:22 -04:00