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Mike Gerwitz 954b5a2795 Copyright year and name update
Ryan Specialty Group (RSG) rebranded to Ryan Specialty after its IPO.
2023-01-20 23:37:30 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz e022a3133d Copyright year simplification and update to Ryan Specialty Group
This now uses year ranges, which I'll update annually.

This also renames "R-T Specialty" to "Ryan Specialty Group".  The latter is
the parent company of the former.  I was originally employed under the
former when LoVullo Associates was purchased, by I now work for the parent
2019-02-07 13:23:09 -05:00
Mike Gerwitz 088a56c336 Add HACKING
* HACKING: New file.
* Copyright update.  Add mention of HACKING.
2018-02-01 13:08:03 -05:00