tamer: pipeline::macro::lower_pipeline: Doc generation

This generates some documentation helping to describe the lowering pipeline,
since the function type signature can be daunting to those unfamiliar with
it (and I'm sure to the future me too).

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@ -46,6 +46,58 @@ macro_rules! lower_pipeline {
$(|> $lower:ty $([$ctx:ident])? $(, until ($until:pat))?)*;
)*) => {$(
/// Pipeline Definition
/// ===================
/// This pipeline consists of the following parsers,
/// where the first parser accepts the `src` token stream and the
/// final parser outputs to the provided `sink`.
#[doc=concat!(" - [`", stringify!($lower), "`]")]
#[doc=concat!(" with context `", stringify!($ctx), "`")]
"up to and including the first token matching `",
/// The type signature of this function is complex due to the wiring
/// of the types of all parsers in the pipeline.
/// It can be understood as:
/// 1. A function accepting three classes of arguments:
/// 1. The _source_ token stream,
/// which consists of tokens expected by the first parser
/// in the pipeline;
/// 2. _Context_ for certain parsers that request it,
/// allowing for state to persist between separate
/// pipelines; and
/// 3. A _sink_ that serves as the final destination for the
/// token stream.
/// 2. A [`Result`] consisting of the updated context that was
/// originally passed into the function,
/// so that it may be utilized in future pipelines.
/// 3. A _recoverable error_ type `ER` that may be utilized when
/// compilation should continue despite an error.
/// All parsers are expected to perform their own error
/// recovery in an attempt to continue parsing to discover
/// further errors;
/// as such,
/// this error type `ER` must be able to contain the
/// errors of any parser in the pipeline,
/// which is the reason for the large block of
/// [`From`]s in this function's `where` clause.
/// 4. An _unrecoverable error_ type `EU` that may be yielded by
/// the sink to terminate compilation immediately.
/// This is a component of the [`Result`] type that is
/// ultimately yielded as the result of this function.
$vis fn $fn<$($l,)? ES: Diagnostic, ER: Diagnostic, EU: Diagnostic>(
src: impl LowerSource<