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@ -75,7 +75,24 @@ There is plenty of room for optimization.
this can also serve as an alternative to primitives in
certain instances,
since native target language features could be used.
@item Make parameters package-scoped and allow importers to
determine what to do with them.
If an importer provides a mapping for the parameter,
which may be a calculation or anything else,
then the parameter will be bound;
otherwise it will be propagated as a parameter.
But since we do not have any sort of loxical scoping or
if a parameter is bound more than once,
an error would have to occur during linking.
This would also replace externs,
which was intended to be a temporary kluge when
transitioning to a symbol-based system.
This also has the additional benefit that parameters can
represent inputs in shared systems for the sake of mocking
and as an alternative to externs without having the
downsides of a paramter---that
it must be mapped as an input.
@end enumerate