Generate version string using tools/vergen

This is important to indicate when there is ongoing development;
otherwise the version number is incorrect and may deceive.  It's not
appropriate to bump the version constantly during development before
release, either.

  (ver): Variable added, populated by tools/vergen.
  (AC_INIT): Use `ver'.
Mike Gerwitz 2016-11-15 12:11:47 -05:00
parent 9669b80536
commit 63701e453e
1 changed files with 5 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -16,7 +16,11 @@
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
AC_INIT([tame], [1.0.0], [])
# version string is dynamically generated
m4_define([ver], m4_esyscmd(tools/vergen))
m4_if(ver, [], [m4_exit(1)])
AC_INIT([tame], [ver], [])