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@ -54,6 +54,9 @@ The input grammar is XML,
@node Getting Started
@section Getting Started
@cindex Saxon
@cindex HOXSL
@cindex bootstrap
To get started,
make sure Saxon version@tie{}9 or later is available and its path
set as @var{SAXON_CP};
@ -74,10 +77,11 @@ $ ./boostrap
@node Manual Compilation
@section Manual Compilation
@emph{Note: TAME is usually controlled through a Makefile;
@tip{Note: TAME is usually controlled through a Makefile;
@pxref{Compiling With Make} to avoid manual compilation
@cindex tamed
@tame{} is controlled through the program in @command{bin/tame}.
When run,
it first spawns a daemon @command{bin/tamed} if it is not already
@ -109,6 +113,7 @@ For additional options and environment variables that influence
@node Compiling With Make
@section Compiling With Make
@cindex Make
TAME can generate a @url{,GNU Makefile}
for you using @url{,Automake} and
@ -117,6 +122,7 @@ This greatly simplifies building projects by automatically building
and only when they have changed.@footnote{@c
When their modification timestamps change, specifically.}
@cindex Makefile
The Makefile is generated by a @file{configure} script,
which itself generated by Autoconf using @file{} in the
project root:
@ -132,6 +138,7 @@ m4_include([rater/build-aux/m4/calcdsl.m4])
@caption{Example @file{} in project root.}
@end float
@cindex submodule
By convention,
TAME is usually available as a submodule under @file{rater/}.
This confusing naming convention may change in the future.