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@ -244,6 +244,21 @@ Error state is managed by
@node Program
@section Program
The @code{Program} class was one of the first prototypes created,
and has evolved poorly with the rest of the system.
It is the base class for all compiled programs,
and it glues together too many other systems with a terrible
API and little to no encapsulation.
With that said, it is one of the least touched classes (thus its
state); developers rarely have the need to touch @code{Program}.}
The core @code{Program} class that causes maintenance concerns needs
to be added to Liza.
It is currently mocked as necessary in test cases.}
@cindex Program
The @dfn{Program} is a declarative representation of an entire system.

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@ -110,7 +110,7 @@
@c needs to be moved into liza
@macro mvnotice{text}
All or part of this system needs to be moved into Liza.@footnote{
@emph{All or part of this system needs to be moved into Liza.}@footnote{
@end macro