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@ -153,6 +153,14 @@ More information about each can be found in their respective section.
@node Error Handling
@subsection Error Handling
The complexity of this system and integration into legacy
layers has caused maintenance trouble in the past.
Each of the error checking layers need to be integrated
to reduce complexity.}
@cindex Error
@cindex Failure
There are three layers of error checking:@footnote{
Primarily for legacy reasons.
They are being consolodated as the system is touched.}
@ -168,9 +176,48 @@ There are three layers of error checking:@footnote{
@end enumerate
@cindex Required Field
@cindex Field, Required
@cindex Field, Fixed
@cindex Error, Fixed
@cindex Error, Required
@cindex Fixed, Error
Required fields fail serially@mdash{
}the system will notify the user of the required field,
and direct him/her to it (usually through scrolling).
A field is marked as @dfn{fixed} according to the rules
in @ref{Managing Error State}.
* Managing Error State:: Determining when failures should be marked as ``fixed''
@end menu
@node Managing Error State
@subsubsection Managing Error State
@cindex Failure Stack
@cindex Error Stack
Each failure caused by assertions is associated with a
@dfn{failure stack}.
The stack represents the trail of assertions that have run,
containing the ids of all values asserted against.
When any field or classification changes that is represented on the
failure stack,
the failure for the failed field associated with that failure stack
is cleared.
If an assertion for some question @var{foo} first checked the value
of bucket field @var{bar},
and within its failure checked the value @var{c:predicate},
the failure stack would contain both of those ids.
If either @var{bar} or the @var{predicate} classification changed,
the question @var{foo} would have its error cleared.}
Error state is managed by
@srcref{src/validate/ValidStateMonitor.js, ValidStateMonitor}.
@node Program